Dos and Don’ts of ID Printers

August 28, 2010

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Photo identification cards have become widespread parts of modern society, and are increasingly used by businesses and in work settings to provide fast, reliable, and affordable means of identification ans security. Thanks to advances in technology, it has become possible to purchase ID card printers and make ID cards without breaking the bank. The following […]

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Comparison of Magicard Printers

July 30, 2010

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Three ID card printers offered by Magicard are the Magicard Pronto Card Printer, the Magicard Enduro Card Printer, and the Magicard Rio 2e Card Printer.

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ID Printer Systems

February 17, 2010

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ID printer systems are packages that include everything one would need to start printing batches of ID and security cards. Each available system would have different specifications, however, as different packages have been developed for producing different types and different volumes of cards. All systems will include a card printer, and different models will be […]

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ID Printer Advantages

January 25, 2010

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When a company requires the use of identification cards, especially when the company employs a large number of employees, it can turn out to be quite beneficial to take on some printers to help out with the job. Many different benefits come along with the purchase identification printers. Control Buying identification printers can give the […]

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ID Card Accessories – Lanyards And Badge Holders

December 14, 2009

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ID cards are a popular and affordable way for businesses to ensure that their sites are secure and that their employees and visitors are easily identifiable.  Since ID card printers are fairly affordable and are available for easy purchase by a business with just about any kind of budget, more and more businesses and organisations […]

Guide to Ordering Custom Lanyards

July 29, 2009

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Lanyards are a functional and stylish way to make your business or event look and feel professional. Lanyards, in combination with id holders, can protect plastic identification cards from everyday wear and tear, ensuring that your investment in identity cards is protected. They also keep identity badges from getting in the way while workers or […]

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The Classic Magicard LC1 Ribbon

July 20, 2009

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ID card printers have become a necessary tool for many people within the business world. Plastic ID card printers enable businesses to conveniently print their own ID cards for security and identification purposes. Businesses save a great deal of time and money due to these printers, as they no longer have to outsource to printing […]

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