Printing on the back of an ID card

Posted on December 4, 2008

The back of an ID card is an ideal place to put health and safety information, such as your companies meeting place in case of a fire or emergency. One could also put information regarding the return of the card if lost, a barcode or sequential number which could help identifying the card, or one could put their company slogan. Many companies however leave the back of an ID card blank, but if you have contractors on site or are using cards for visitor management it is probably wise to put H & S information.

To reduce the cost of printing onto PVC cards, its is recommend to use a single colour (monochrome) on the back of the card. Black is probably the best choice as you can purchase YMCKO-K [Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Black (K), Overlay (O)] ribbons which have an additional black panel for printing the second side of the card. Alternatively, one could purchase a monochrome ribbon and batch print the back of the cards and afterwards print the customised front of the card.

The advantage of batch printing the back of the card, is that you will only need to purchase a single sided printer, reducing the total cost of ownership of card printing. Note that some card printers such as the Magicard Enduro are field upgradable so that if batch printing the reverse of the card is not to be the best solution for your business, one can purchase a double sided print module and appropriate ribbon and print to both sides in one pass.

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