Replacing a printhead on older Magicard ID Printers

Posted on December 8, 2008

This short how-to guide explains how to change a printhead on older Magicard ID printers

We recommend that you use an anti static wrist strap whilst replacing the thermal printhead

  • Switch off the printer and disconnect the mains lead from the rear.
  • Open the top cover
  • Gently remove the cable connector from the thermal printhead
  • Using a small screwdriver, turn the fastener anticlockwise by a quarter turn
  • Unhook the printhead assembly
  • Replacement printhead assemblys are supplied with printhead already prealigned
  • Be careful not to touch the printing edge with your fingers or any tools
  • Hook the new assembly into position and screw the fastner fully clockwise
  • Align the connector and carefully push into position
  • Check that the dyefilm is positioned correctly between the two rolls and is not twisted or damaged
  • Close the top cover
  • Plug in the mains lead
  • Switch the printer back on and check that the error indicator is off
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