Cleaning Magicard Rollers

Posted on December 9, 2008

This guide is for the Magicard Rio, Avalon, and Tango 2e ID card printers.

It is recommend that you clean the printer every time you replace the ribbon

  • Ensure the printer is switched on
  • Remove the front and rear card hoppers
  • Open the printer and lift out the ribbon
  • Take a cleaning card from its packaging
  • Press the black test button on the rear of the printer and insert the narrow end of the card into the back of the card printer
  • The cleaning process operates automatically
  • To clean the rear feed rollers, press again the black test button at the back of the printer, then simply hold one end of the card against the rollers. Both sides of the card can be used to clean the rollers

Keeping your rollers clean will help stop card jams and ensure that plastic cards are feed smoothly throughout the printer.

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