Comparing Datacard ID Printers

Posted on February 23, 2009

No matter what your budget or security needs, Datacard’s line of affordable and reliable plastic card printers has an option that would be the perfect fit for your business or organisation.

The Datacard SP25 offers the lowest price point of all the Datacard printers, making it perfect for loyalty clubs and other small businesses. The unit’s low-volume, manual feed operation offers the high-quality output customers have come to expect from Datacard products. Offering full-colour or one-colour single-sided printing options, the SP25 offers many of the same options as its larger, more expensive cousins in the Datacard series, including bar coding, magnetic striping, and smart card capabilities. And the SP25 is the only Datacard printer that offers rewrite capability.

The SP35 is the next in Datacard’s series of ID card printers. This portable, affordable unit offers the same features of the SP25, but with a larger input hopper capable of handling up to 100 cards and an automatic feeder system, which means the machine can do the work while you take care of other business. The SP35 also has an increased printing speed, handling up to 750 one-colour cards per hour and up to 160 full-colour cards per hour, making it a perfect choice for visitor IDs, health clubs and membership organisations.

Unlike the SP25 and SP35, the Datacard SP55 offers optional two-sided card printing, at a rate of 450 two-sided cards per hour. Printing speed is also increased for other formats, at up to 1,000 one-colour, one-sided cards and up to 190 full-colour, one-sided cards per hour, making this the fastest printer of the Datacard SP series. With its standard USB and optional Ethernet connections, this unit is a great selection for higher volume applications, like educational and corporate badges.

The Datacard SP75 offers the highest-level security IDs of the line, employing added features like UV fluorescent printing and secure locks. The unit also offers both one-sided and two-sided printing capability as standard features, as well as laminating options. Both USB and Ethernet connections are standard on the SP75. The theft-deterrent software and hardware lock suite offered by the SP75 make it a great choice for secure corporate, government, and educational access applications.

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