Magicard Alto and Printing Membership Cards

Posted on April 9, 2009

If you were the owner of a commercial gym, how would you certify that the individuals working out in the gym were actual members? Well, you could ask them to show you their membership card. Of course, that would mean you need to provide them with a membership card. Actually, this statement could be amended a little further. That is, you would need to provide them with a clear and durable membership card that was clearly legible.  And it wouldn’t hurt to make sure the membership card is of high enough quality that it won’t fall apart if accidentally placed in the laundry!

In all seriousness, if you require proof of membership for your organization and you need to present the members with a membership card.  This means you will need a printer that can properly create these types of cards for your needs. The Magicard Alto is, without a doubt, one of the very best ID/membership card printers on the market. That is why it comes with high recommendations and also why it is so very popular.

The detail presented on the membership cards ensures that the cards will carry all the vital information you require. And, of course, the detail in the photograph is so sharp (300 dpi) that there will be no trouble ensuring the person holding the membership card is the actual member. These attributes greatly enhance the value of the Magicard Alto card printer since it can virtually guarantee all your card production needs will be met.

The Magicard Alto from the Magicard Printer range of card printer is user friendly and can be operated by even a novice. It takes mere minutes to produce a membership card so there is no reason for your clients to wait unnecessarily. The cost of the printer is quite reasonable and purchasing one will not place any burdens on your company’s bottom line. Printing supplies such as the Magicard PCF6 – 100 shot YMCKO Ribbon and Magicard PCX-PF2 – 100 shot YMCKO Ribbon come complete with 100 cards and print with an overlay, which helps protect the cards from wear and tear.

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