About the Datacard SP35 printer

Posted on June 24, 2009

If your workplace or organization is in a need of a plastic badge printer, then you should want to taker a look at the Datacard SP35 badge printer. The SP35 badge printer is an great tool for printing I.D. cards, hotel room keys, security cards, gift cards, membership cards or just about any variety of plastic badge that you might need. What ever your badge printing needs could be, the SP35 badge printer might be just the tool that your organization or workplace needs to get the task done.

The SP35 badge printer has a lot of features that make it an attractive answer for your badge printing needs. One of those features is its sizing. The SP35 badge printer Datacard only weighs about four kilos, which makes it a lightweight printing machine that is easy for you to relocation from place to place. Its small size also makes the SP35 badge printer good for running in close quarters. The physical dimensions of the SP35 badge printer are as follows: 419 mm x 198 mm x 229 mm.
In addition to being lightweight and small the Datacard SP35 id printer can print up to five hundred full colour cards and 120 one colour cards in an hour’s time. Using exclusive Datacard Advanced Imaging Technology, it prints cards with dazzling images, with a uniform background and enhanced bar coding images.
Here are some other features of the Datacard SP35 card printer: Windows 98, 2000, me and XP printer drivers, ribbon cartridges that are quick to change, automatic badge feeding, front facing one hundred badge input hopper, front facing twenty badge output hopper, the print head can be replaced by the end user, no pass restrictions, an easily reached badge path, and a continuous cleaning roller.
The Datacard SP35 card printer badge printer can be excellent addition to your office tools and can be a great help with your small volume badge printing needs.

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