The Classic Magicard LC1 Ribbon

Posted on July 20, 2009

Magicard LC1 Ribbon

Magicard LC1 Ribbon

ID card printers have become a necessary tool for many people within the business world. Plastic ID card printers enable businesses to conveniently print their own ID cards for security and identification purposes. Businesses save a great deal of time and money due to these printers, as they no longer have to outsource to printing companies in order to have their ID cards printed. ID cards can now be available for use almost instantaneously. These printers also need special kinds of ribbons of ink in order to be able to print onto the plastic surface of ID cards.

Magicard is one of many manufacturers which produce affordable ID card printers. The classic Magicard LC1 ribbon is one of the ribbons that is available to purchase for use with certain Magicard ID card printers. The LC1 ribbon can be purchased for about fifty pounds, excluding tax. This is a full colour printer ribbon and will last through the printing of about three hundred fifty images. Like most ID card printer ribbons, the Magicard LC1 ribbon’s three main colours are yellow, magenta, and cyan with a black overlay. The overlay offers protection for the card itself and also protects the image printed on the card, offering better wear and tear.

The classic Magicard LC1 full colour ribbon is compatible with several different Magicard ID card printers. The printers that use this particular ribbon are:

All of these printers are available at an affordable rate and are perfect choices for businesses who want to make their own full colour ID cards.

The Magicard LC1 colour ribbon, along one of the compatible printers, is the perfect choice for any business that wants an affordable way to make their own photo or full colour ID cards to use for security and identification purposes. The LC1 ribbon is one of many high quality ID card printer ribbons that can help your business or organisation produce its own plastic ID cards.

The Magicard LC1 Ribbon can be purchased from Plastic ID

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