Guide to Ordering Custom Lanyards

Posted on July 29, 2009

Lanyards are a functional and stylish way to make your business or event look and feel professional. Lanyards, in combination with id holders, can protect plastic identification cards from everyday wear and tear, ensuring that your investment in identity cards is protected. They also keep identity badges from getting in the way while workers or event workers are performing their job duties. While lanyards come in many different colours and styles, some businesses and organisations want something that is custom made with either their business logo, motto, or graphics. If this is the path that your business or event wishes to take up, there are several options available in customising your lanyards.

When ordering custom-made lanyards, you need to first decide what sort of clip that is need to hold the identity card onto the lanyard. There are 5 basic kinds of clips that can be used; dog clips, lobster clips, spring clips, trigger clips, or phone clips.

The next step in ordering promotional lanyards is to choose the sort of breakaway feature wanted on the lanyard. The breakaway clip makes it easier for the lanyard to be taken on and off. It also serves as an significant safety feature, allowing for the lanyard to be able to break apart if stuck around an object. There are two options for breakaways; sewn and T type.

When ordering custom lanyards, decisions regarding colors used must be decided. Anywhere from 1 to 3 colors can be used on both sides of the lanyard. The color options and combinations for custom made lanyards are practically endless. You may also wish to have your own unique logo, motto, or graphics put on your custom made lanyards.

There are 3 different measurements available for the braiding used to make the lanyards. 10ml, 15ml, or 20ml braiding can be chosen, depending on the actual thickness sought after.

Custom-made made lanyards are a sure way to make your workers or staff stand out at an event. Your custom lanyards will make your workers or volunteers look professional and unique, all while safely protecting your investment in I.D. cards.

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