ID Card Accessories – Lanyards And Badge Holders

Posted on December 14, 2009

ID cards are a popular and affordable way for businesses to ensure that their sites are secure and that their employees and visitors are easily identifiable.  Since ID card printers are fairly affordable and are available for easy purchase by a business with just about any kind of budget, more and more businesses and organisations are turning to ID cards for their security and identification purposes.  These same businesses are also finding a need for ID card accessories, such as lanyards and badge holders, so that their employees and visitors can keep their ID cards visible and protected.

Badge holders come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and colours.  Some of them will even hold multiple identification cards.  There are badge holders that contain holes which enable the card to be worn with a lanyard.  Other options for badge holders include magnetic backings, credit card sized holders which can easily fit into a pocket or wallet, and small grips which enable the badge to be worn on a shirt or jacket.  Badge holders are an affordable solution to protecting ID cards and many of them also double as a way for employees to keep their ID cards visible at all times, making for a more secure workplace.

Lanyards are cords that are worn around the neck.  Businesses usually give these to employees so that they can wear their ID cards around their necks.  Lanyards come in many different colours and designs.  A business can have their logo or slogan printed on them and can colour coordinate them with ID cards.  Lanyards keep ID cards out of the way, yet within view, and can be a more secure way of wearing an ID card, as the card can not be lost as easily.

ID card accessories such as id badge holders and lanyards are generally bought in bulk.  They are affordable options to ensuring that a business is secure and it’s employees and visitors are easily identified.  Using badge holders and lanyards also help to protect ID cards from general wear and tear and will ensure that the cards will last longer.

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