ID Printer Systems

Posted on February 17, 2010

ID printer systems are packages that include everything one would need to start printing batches of ID and security cards. Each available system would have different specifications, however, as different packages have been developed for producing different types and different volumes of cards.

All systems will include a card printer, and different models will be featured depending on what type of card printing jobs the system has been developed to produce. Types of printers that could form part of these packages include those that print single-sided cards, those that print double-sided cards and those that are configured to laminate cards. Also featured are printers that offer various levels of card security technology including proximity, smart card personalization, watermark, barcoding and magnetic encoding technology. Finally, printers could be configured to print in monochrome, full-colour or both. All of these printers should come with printer drivers that are compatible with Microsoft Windows ME, 2000 or XP, and some will also come with built-in ethernet to enable them to be set up to function as network printers.

Each system will also include a software package, which is usually either the Securit 4400 ID package or the Securit 5400 ID package and which will allow users to perform tasks such as designing their own ID card layouts, creating ID badges and creating ID card databases. A typical ID printer system would also include some type of camera, and those that normally come with printer system packages include USB webcams, USB cameras and 4.1 megapixel digital cameras. Most of the printers have the capacity to print photographs on the ID cards – either in colour or in black and white – and the cameras included with each system are those models that work best with the printers they are packaged with. Images can either be viewed live on screen or can be stored and then downloaded to the printer software later.

Certain extras are also featured with most ID printer systems and these extras can include things like a colour ribbon and a set number – usually 100 – of PVC cards, openfaced badge holders and safety breakaway lanyards. The colour ribbons can be of different capacities and some are, for instance, set up to take 165 images while others can manage 350.

ID printer systems are usually divided between those developed for light printing loads, for medium printing loads and for heavy printing loads.

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